Welcome to my blog. I love to share glamorized photographs of my life and tell of my adventures. Hope you have a nice stay!

Back to Basics

Back to Basics

Hello and welcome to my blog!

After a year of on and off blogging, I have decided to get back into the game. I have learned a lot and spoken to other bloggers who love to share their lives and hobbies with the world. I decided to start over because I now have the time and resources to blog and I can finally give full effort and dedication toward it. As my first post, I decided to share one of my go-to everyday outfits as a way to break this website in! 


ootd stripes.jpg

I love pairing basic and dressy pieces together, in this case the oxford shoes in contrast with the ripped jeans. Gives an everyday outfit a more "put together" vibe.

ootd stripes2.jpg

I usually go for neutral makeup with an outfit like this, especially since all I did was run errands all day.

ootd stripes3.jpg

I'm so excited to continue in the blogging world! I also have a YouTube and you can find me at I'll see you in next week's post!

Good Mornings

Good Mornings